Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Natural Sleep Aid Roll On

$ 7.75

Brand: GaGirlNaturals

Getting a restful night’s sleep is so important for our overall health.

Almost everyone at some time in their lives have trouble falling, and/or staying asleep. Medications and sleep aids can have negative side effects on our bodies.

I have formulated an aromatherapy formula with natural ingredients to help on those restless nights.
This blend is made with coconut oil, and an essential oil blend with properties to relax, and help induce peaceful sleep.

Lavender essential oil has a sedative effect.

Clary Sage oil affects our GABA receptors, and is the most anti-stressor essential oil. It is also reputed to help with depression.

Ylang Ylang has a calming effect.

Vetiver helps one to “shut down” the brain to induce sleep.

Bergamot is uplifting, but not stimulating. Helping your overall mood helps you to sleep restfully.
Orange oil lifts the spirit and gives a calming effect.

To use: Using roller applicator, apply blend to forehead, temples, back of neck, wrists, and tip of nose before retiring at night. Be cautious not to get into eyes.

My credentials:

I have a degree in Master Cosmetology
A certificate in Nature Health and Healing


The statements in the listing, and elsewhere on my shop have not been evaluated by the FDA. The information I have provided comes from my educational background in cosmetology, natural health and healing, and from hours of research.

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