Natural Facial Cleansing Oil and Eye Makeup Remover

$ 7.75

Brand: GaGirlNaturals

How does oil cleanse your face you may ask? Oil dissolves oil. Using oil cleansers balances the skin's natural oils, and cleanses the skin, leaving it much more nourished and moisturized than using traditional facial soaps and cleansers. Even oily acne prone skin benefits greatly from oil cleansing. Cleansing oils dissolve the bad oils, cleansing and balancing the skin, while healing and protecting.

Cleansing oils are beneficial for all skin types. 

To use: apply small amount of cleansing oil to face and neck with fingertips. You may apply to eyelids to remove eye makeup, even waterproof makeup. Remove oil with a soft tissue. Rinse. 

My skincare routine consists of using the cleansing oil first, rinsing well, then applying cleansing grains, and rinsing well. My skin is clean, soft, and moisturized without being greasy.

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