Fall into fall with these decorating ideas

Fall into fall with these decorating ideas

Wedged between Halloween and Thanksgiving, the height of November positions itself as the perfect time to incorporate autumnal décor into your home. Fall-inspired decorations will ease the transition into holiday time, while also making your home ready to welcome Thanksgiving guests.

The following are some decorating ideas to make your home a bit more fall friendly.

Leaved wreaths

The first thing guests' see when they come to your home is the front door. Creating a seasonally appropriate wreath is a fantastic way to welcome them. To create your own, visit your local craft store and pick up a hot glue gun, ring-shaped Styrofoam and faux leaves and flowers inspired by the season. Some elements to consider include acorns, branches, orange and brown leaves and ribbon.

Autumnal centerpieces

Creating a fall centerpiece for your dining room table now will free up some time around Thanksgiving so you can focus on other elements of holiday planning. It may also be time to dump the cornucopia and start with something fresh. Try interesting containers as a base, such as mason jars, lanterns or other glass containers. Fill them with acorns, candles, cranberries, popcorn kernels, lentils or legumes. For a more traditional centerpiece, try incorporating faux fall leaves, pinecones or other blooming fall flowers. Some examples are beautyberries, mums, pansies or sunflowers.

Incorporate new colors

Fall themes can appear anywhere in the home, other than in just expected areas. Been thinking about repainting a room in your home? Try using a shade of muted pumpkin, mustard or a crisp red inspired by apples or the season's leaves. Incorporate fall fabrics in your home's décor, such as houndstooth, herringbone, tweeds or velvet. Cozy up a space for the colder weather with some candles and seasonal flowers, or spruce up the walls with fall-inspired art.

Enhance outdoor spaces

As the weather chills, now is the best time to be outdoors and enjoy the cool outdoors. Prepare for guests by upgrading outdoor spaces like patios or backyards. Some ideas to brighten up these areas for fall include adding lights or lanterns, introducing new potted plants around entertaining spaces or even consider introducing a decorative scarecrow.
If your outdoor space is limited, set up a small display of gourds and seasonal plants that will easily spruce up the area.

Introduce new smells

Not all fall-inspired décor has to be seen. Consider making your home smell like the season. A humidifier that disperses essential oils is a great way to introduce fall-inspired scents. Autumnal essential oils include clove, cassia, cedarwood, cinnamon and myrrh.
Cooking fall favorites can also make your house seem more ready for fall. Roasting acorn squash, pumpkin seeds or creating some apple cider can help your family get excited about the upcoming holiday season.

October 30, 2015