Home trends, room-by-room

Home trends, room-by-room

As the housing market continues to rebound, now is a great time for you to purchase or renovate your home. To compete on the market place, your home should be on-trend and current, which is why it is increasingly important to follow home trends.

Home experts agree that the modern home is worlds away from homes built just 20 years ago. With more open, airy floor plans, less rooms and hallways and a higher reliance on green building, homes are more dynamic than ever. Gone are the stuffy living rooms no one is allowed to sit in, and in its place are spacious, yet cozy, family room areas.

Incorporated in these areas are technology-driven designs, such as integration of lighting, cable and music systems, as well as using smart phones to control nearly everything – including your thermostat.

Whether you're planning on purchasing a new home, renovating or just a home-improvement enthusiast, here are some other home trends that have flourished in 2015, room by room.


The kitchen is arguably the room that can make or break the home's ability to sell. The kitchen also is the area most likely to incorporate trends in color and materials.

Speaking of color, homeowners are turning to bolder color choices for cabinetry. White, gray, and even greens and blues are becoming increasingly more common. Kitchen designers are also incorporating more open spaces, glass doors and pull out drawers in the cabinetry.
Islands have been a long-time kitchen trend, but now super islands are dominating kitchens. With dining rooms becoming increasingly less popular, designers turn to islands to serve as a transition between it and the living space.

New materials, including quartz and concrete are quickly replacing the once highly desirable granite.


Bathrooms are another make-or-break room that should be current to increase the likelihood of a fast sell. Some current trends include more free-standing tubs and larger showers. Lighting often seen only in dining and living rooms are now in many bathrooms.
Many designers also are bringing in outside influences into bathrooms. This can include more rocks and stones instead of tile, bigger windows for more natural light and incorporating other natural materials like bamboo and flowers.

Bedroom trends

Many think that a bedroom is pretty straight forward – four walls, flooring and furniture. However, new dynamics have been added to bedrooms to make them more exciting. This includes the return of wallpaper in geometric and playful designs. Builders also are adding multipurpose spaces to accompany master bedrooms, which are used as offices, sitting rooms or exercise areas.

Other rooms

Although the number of rooms typically isn't as high, there is an increase in "function" rooms. These include studies, mudrooms and laundry rooms. This has increased as technology has allowed many to work from home, which requires rooms such as studies.

October 02, 2015